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We want English language teachers to spread the word about our brand-new service, Sensations English. It is always updating, always fresh with new lessons, news reports and activities every single week.

If you are a teacher of English as a second language or represent a language college or are active in communities of English language learners, you could become an affiliate for Sensations English.

By doing so, you will not only spread the message about something new, fresh and effective in English learning – you will earn commission in the process!

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Commission rates start at 20% and will go much higher for the best affiliates.

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We will pay your commission monthly, direct into your chosen bank account. We use secure payment processing.

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We have an affiliate dashboard, so you can see how your click-thrus and sales grow day by day.


Sensations English is ideal for students of English who are studying for high-stakes exams like IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge General English. We turn the news into an exciting way of learning English. Fifteen new lessons each week combine video reports and written articles with games and study tools which test and extend learning. With each story written at five distinct English language levels, students can easily and instantly switch between levels. They can see how they need to progress and learn to move to a more advanced level. They can see how to bridge the gap between their current ability level and where they need to be to achieve the grade they need. Our lessons, with their activities and tools, help develop students' abilities in the four key areas of learning: speaking, writing, reading and listening. And with every single asset available to all subscribers at five levels of English, Sensations English offers something new and different in the language learning field.

It’s sourced from a world leading news agency, and then selected written and edited by a team of highly experienced producers and English language teachers. Sensations English is a new and exciting way to develop skills and fluency in English. The business has been created to serve the large and fast-growing number of global learners of English. Students are rapidly turning to online solutions to help learn and prepare for their exams. Sensations English is already fully responsive for mobile, tablet and laptop and IOS and Android apps will soon follow.

Exams test speaking, listening, reading and writing skills- Sensations English can help students improve in all these areas of study. By practicing with our news materials, games and study tools regularly, students prepare for their exams faster by using authentic topic vocabulary, sentence structure and comprehension.

If you are active in the community of English language learners – as an ESL teacher, as a college, or within a network of language teachers and learners, you could earn commission income by recommending that your students purchase a subscription to Sensations English. If they click through from your site, or link on a Facebook page, we will track an embedded code. If the student then purchases a subscription on that visit to our site – or on any visit for the next 30 days made from the same device – you will earn commission on that sale.

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